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Wold Academy

At Wold Academy we pride ourselves on creating a safe and fun environment for our children to learn, grow and develop lasting friendships.


We have 430 children on roll.

  • Beehive (2 year provision)
  • F1 Nursery class
  • 2 F2 Reception classes
  • 2 classes in Y1
  • 2 classes in Y2
  • 2 classes in Y3
  • 2 classes in Y4
  • 2 classes in Y5
  • 2 classes in Y6

We pride ourselves on good results, fantastic teaching and having children who are well behaved and keen to learn. The school is committed to the principles of Excellence and Enjoyment and staff work hard to ensure pupils do well - both in and out of the classroom.

Our Classes

Beehive (2 Year Old Provision)

Beehive (2 yr old provision) – Mrs J Thompson, Mrs M Foster

FS1 (Nursery)

Miss C Angell, Miss S Hazel, Mrs R Bottomley

F2 (Foundation)

Ms C Dervey, Miss E Childe

Year 1

1W – Mrs E Webster
1N - Miss H Nuttall-Allsopp

Year 2

2EL – Mrs R Lloyd / Mrs L Everingham
2LM - Mrs K Marrett / Mrs R Lloyd

Year 3

3CM - Mrs K Carter / Mrs K McKie
3H – Mr T Haymes / Miss R Antonio / Miss O Lambert

Year 4

4U - Mrs E Underwood
4S - Mr C Salvidge

Year 5

5C – Miss M Cooper
5CO - Mrs S Covello / Mrs G O’Connor

Year 6

6M - Mr L Moughton
6H - Miss V Humble