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David Ross Education Trust schools create a rich and exciting learning environment that inspires students to become their confident, academic best.

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Wold Academy

At Wold Academy we pride ourselves on creating a safe and fun environment for our children to learn, grow and develop lasting friendships.

Academy Information

Wold Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust and is acknowledged by Ofsted as a school which prides itself on the support and safety which its students are offered.

The Academy recognises that an excellent school should offer effective teaching as well as a nurturing of its pupils to become kind, respectful individuals that are ready for whatever challenges await in their future.

Our Mission Statement

At Wold Academy we believe in ‘Broadening Horizons’ for all of our pupils through providing a rich and varied curriculum that supports them to be ready for the next stage in their education and to become well rounded and productive members of society.

Our Principles

Our curriculum is underpinned by 4 core principles.

These represent the fundamental aims we have for our pupils.

We aim to ensure all of our pupils:

  • Aspire to be the best that they can be

  • Respect and celebrate diversity and individuality

  • Are effective and confident communicators

  • Love learning and live life to the full

  • These principles are golden threads that will run through our curriculum and we will plan for them with relentless consistency in order to achieve the best outcomes for our pupils.

We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for children and staff where:

  1. Social, personal and academic skills are developed.

  2. Self-esteem and self-reliance are nurtured.

  3. Standards of excellence for life and for work are promoted in all areas.

Our criteria for a successful schooling experience, one which we are constantly measuring ourselves against, is as follows:

  1. School and learning should be enjoyable, productive and an integral part of every child’s life where a child can develop empathy with his/her surroundings.

  2. School should create a caring and happy environment where all children experience success and achievement.

  3.  School should recognise each member as an individual with particular needs and talents and develop a forum where each member can join with ideas and share experiences and impressions with others.

  4. School should offer a well balanced and broad curriculum that will ensure that all targets set by the National Curriculum are available to our children and should include academic, cultural, social, spiritual and physical development and growth, preparing pupils for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of secondary education and adult life.

Our School Day

Foundation Stage 1

8.45am – 11.45am
12.45pm – 3.45pm

Foundation Stage 2

Doors open at 8.45am
School starts – 8.55am – 12.00 noon
Lunch – 12.00 noon – 1.00pm
Afternoon session 1.00pm – 3.30pm

Key Stage 1

Doors open at 8.40am
School starts – 8.45am – 12 noon
Lunch – 12 noon – 1.00pm
Afternoon session 1.00pm – 3.30pm

Key Stage 2

Doors open at 8.40am
School starts – 8.45am – 12.25pm
Lunch – 12.25pm – 1.20pm
Afternoon session 1.20pm – 3.30pm



Monday - School Assembly
Tuesday - School Assembly/Year Group Assemblies
Wednesday - Class Topical Debate
Thursday - Singing Assembly
Friday - Celebration Assembly

Meet our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Principal - Miss J King
Vice Principal – Miss V Williams
Assistant Principal & Literacy Lead – Mrs E Everingham
Assistant Principal & Mathematics Lead - Mrs K Buyukyilmaz
SEND Lead – Miss C Angell

Admin Team

Senior Admin Officer – Mrs V Kennington
Admin Assistant – Miss A Larvin
Admin Assistant – Miss M Dennison

Pastoral Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) – Miss J King (Principal)
Parent Liaison Officer & Deputy DSL – Mrs N Solarczyk
Deputy DSL with EYFS responsibility – Miss V Williams (Vice Principal)
Pastoral Lead – Mrs E Webster
SENCo – Miss C Angell
Behaviour Support Officer - Mr B Kelly
Pastoral Support Officer - Mrs VJ Williams
Learning Mentor - Mrs G Riley

Teaching Team

Upper Key Stage 2 - Teachers
Mrs K Buyukyilmaz
Miss V Humble
Mrs S Covello
Mrs G O’Connor
Mrs K Marrett
Miss Z Bannister

Lower Key stage 2 – Teachers
Miss M Cooper
Mr T Haymes
Miss E Cross
Mr C Salvidge
Mrs C Firth

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants
Mrs D Keszler
Mrs D Wilson
Mrs A Horton
Miss N Huggins
Mrs D Callaghan
Mrs S Savage
Mrs A Horton
Mr D Morris
Mrs D Waddington
Mrs K Dervey
Miss H Mudd
Mrs S Grimes
Mrs N Dunn
Mrs D Wilson

Key Stage 1 - Teachers
Mrs E Everingham
Mr L Moughton
Miss C Bailey
Miss A Daniels
Mrs E Webster
Mrs D Filbee
Mrs R Lloyd
Mrs K McKie

Key Stage 1 – Teaching Assistants
Miss B Yates
Miss S Priestman
Mrs K Arnett
Mrs S James
Mrs K Dervey
Mrs L Moore
Miss J Harrison

Foundation Stage - Teachers
Miss C Angell
Miss E Childe
Mrs C Dervey
Miss R Antonio
Mrs S Bryans
Mrs K McKie

Foundation Stage - Teaching Assistants
Mrs J Thompson
Mrs J Woodcock
Mrs C Coite
Miss S Hazel
Mrs V Pawson
Mrs D Loftus
Mrs R Bottomley M
Miss A Sullivan
Mrs C Hall
Mrs M Foster
Miss C Wrigglesworth
Miss V Hudson

Mrs K Wilkinson
Mrs L Lester
Mrs G Riley
Mr D Morris
Miss S Priestman
Miss B Yates
Mrs K Dervey
Mrs N Dunn
Mr P Coates (Sports Coach)
Mr J Coates (Sports Coach)
Mrs L Rothery (Food Technology)

Breakfast Club / Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs K Meens (Senior supervisor)
Mrs D Gardiner
Mr M Harvey
Mrs L Jackson
Miss A Noble
Mrs M Foster
Miss M Norman
Mrs L Whiting
Mrs M Cox
Mrs P Walker
Mrs L Marrison
Mrs K Lawrence
Mrs C Coite
Mrs S Grimes
Mr J Coates
Mrs C Hall

Buzz Club

Mrs B Mudd (Lead)
Mrs M Hunter
Mr J Coates

Site Team

Site Manager - Mr M Snelgrove

Mrs C Wilson (Senior Cleaning Assistant)
Mrs D Gardiner
Mrs L Whitehead
Mrs B Eastwood

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