Staff and pupils at Wold Academy, part of the David Ross Education...
At Wold Academy, we are proud to be a part of the David Ross...


  • To mark the construction of their brand new school building, pupils at Wold Academy have buried a time capsule under the site of the new academy reception. Everyone across the academy got involved in
  • A turf-cutting ceremony took place at Wold Academy that is destined for a multi-million-pound rebuild. Pupils joined Hull West and Hessle MP Alan Johnson in digging the first bit of turf for the new
  • Pupils in Year 4 were visited by our Site Manager to learn more about how the new school building is to be built and the materials that are going to be used. Children learnt the chronology of how a
  • There has been a feeling of excitement at Wold Academy this week as after months of planning and preparation the new building officially gets underway. The new two-storey structure will be equipped