Wold Academy send a message to the future

To mark the construction of their brand new school building, pupils at Wold Academy have buried a time capsule under the site of the new academy reception.

Everyone across the academy got involved in creating the perfect memory of life at Wold in 2015. Alongside letters from each class, the pupils chose a number of classroom materials and photos of today’s technology to include in the capsule.

Children from Year 1 wrote:

“We love our school because it is fun and we get to work with our friends. You would have been very lucky to be in our class.

 “We all like to have fun here and we think our classroom is a happy place to be! In our classroom, we have a reading area where we like to read, and a maths and writing area where we do lots of super maths and writing!”

Pupils and staff at the Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' academy are preparing to move into a brand new school in the summer of 2016. The new building will provide state-of-the-art facilities, including the newest technology, an outdoor learning space, a studio and bistro and a spacious library area.

Leah Charlesworth, Executive Principal, commented:

“This is a fantastic occasion to celebrate the future of our academy and to record the day-to-day life of our pupils forever in time. I am very proud of the work that has gone into filling the capsule and our students are growing increasingly excited for the new building.”


Wold Academy pupils bury time capsule