Pupils’ artwork goes on display at Hull City of Culture’s Limitless Festival

A sculpture created by pupils from Hull’s Ainthorpe Primary School, Endike Academy, and Wold Academy, part of the David Ross Education Trust, has been put on public display during Hull 2017 UK City of Culture’s Limitless Festival. 

Lucky pupils from the three Hull primary schools created their ‘Pipe Dreams’ masterpiece as part of a unique project working with Hull based artist, Dom Heffer.

A video about the creation of ‘Pipe Dreams’, featuring the Trust’s pupils is available to view here.

During a series of artist masterclasses held over the summer, the pupils worked with Dom to explore the topic of industry, where they discussed what the world would look like if manmade materials, such as electrical cables and pipes, had the ability to carry hopes and dreams as well as electricity.

The final Pipe Dreams ‘the dream-o-matic’ masterpiece, complete with individual pipes created by the children, has become a key feature of the exclusive event held in the city centre.

One pupil said of the project: “We had different pipes and we designed them to reflect what we want to do when we’re older, so I designed mine to look like an engine on a car because I want to be an automotive engineer.

“I really enjoyed discussing my dreams and learning about what other people’s ambitions are.”

The Limitless Festival, which aims to celebrate the creativity and ambition of the city’s young people, is just one of the many incredible events that the Trust’s pupils have benefited from during Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.


As part of the David Ross Education Trust, Endike Academy, Ainthorpe Primary School and Wold Academy are committed to offering pupils a wide range of fantastic learning experiences through the Trust’s pioneering enrichment programme. These exciting and varied opportunities encourage pupils to discover new things, develop their passions and explore their talents.

Janine Carn, Principal at Wold Academy, said: “Our pupils have really embraced the opportunities on offer as part of Hull 2017. The sense of community spirit and excitement around the arts has been fantastic to see.

“Not only have pupils had the chance to contribute to this incredible sculpture, they have also taken part in plays, dance festivals and many other fantastic events, working with other schools and community groups across the city.”