Builders visit Year 4

Pupils in Year 4 were visited by our Site Manager to learn more about how the new school building is to be built and the materials that are going to be used.

Children learnt the chronology of how a building is constructed, watched a fly around video of the new school and even did a round robin on the field to look at the architecture plan in closer detail.

Mrs Lewis, Associate principal said: “As well as our commitment to ensuring the children are fully aware of the new build process, this day was all part of their topic ‘Island homes. The children were able to handle building material, linking to science, and were also able to view the new school images from different angles. Lots of cross-curricular learning took place “

As part of the day, children also prepared and asked questions for the site manager. One child even asked "Did you aspire to be a builder?"

Mrs Lewis concluded: “A great learning experience was had by all!”