Attendance & Progress

Life provides only one chance to gain a childhood education. The law states all children of compulsory school age (5-16years), who are registered with a school, must receive full time education.  It is the legal responsibility of parents/carers to ensure their child attends school every day on time.



The national average for children’s annual attendance is 96% - anything below this is cause for concern. There is clear evidence that any absence can and will have an impact on a child’s achievement. It is therefore important that schools maintain good attendance levels and that parents/carers support this by ensuring their children attend school regularly.

Warnings and Fixed Penalty Notices under Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 will be issued to parents/carers for failing to ensure the regular school attendance of their child. Further advice and guidance on this matter can be located through the Department of Education website entitled “Advice on school attendance”.


The change in Government legislation means that family holidays are no longer authorised absences. Holidays can only be authorised by the Headteacher, in exceptional circumstances, and only if requested before the holiday is taken. A family holiday taken in term time may result in a warning and/or Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.

If your child is experiencing problems that prevent regular school attendance, it is vital that you contact the school as soon as possible. School will be happy to help with any issues that might be interfering with your child’s education.


We strongly support punctuality at school from the earliest age. Our doors open at 8.40am and the day starts at 8.50am. All pupils arriving after the gates close must sign in through the office. They will be recorded as late in the attendance register. Repeated lateness will be tackled.

Illness / absence

Please give the school prior notice of pre-booked doctor or dental appointments that require your child’s absence from school. We may ask to see a doctor’s or dental appointment card as evidence and we expect pupils to be at school shortly after such appointments. If at all possible, please book appointments outside school hours so that your child’s schooling isn’t unduly disrupted. In cases of sudden illness, please inform us as soon as possible. All absences are classified as “authorised” or “unauthorised” and have to be marked as such in the Register. Whilst parents/carers can provide explanations for absences, it is at the school’s discretion as to whether this absence will be authorised or unauthorised.

I am confident we all want the best possible outcome for the children in our school and as such am sure we will continue to work together to improve attendance, ensuring our children receive the maximum benefit from their education and achieve their full potential.